Louwman Group: owner of auto.nl

Ordering your new car online is easy and quick, but a big step when you are used to visiting showrooms. We from auto.nl can imagine those feelings. Especially if you are not familiar with the people behind the webshop. That’s why we proudly introduce the Louwman Group, owner of auto.nl.

Auto.nl is 100% owned by the Louwman Group. Founded in 1923, this Dutch family business is expert for almost 100 years in the automotive business. Louwman Group includes import companies for car brands like Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Mazda and Mitsubishi. In addition, Louwman Group is engaged in retail, leasing and financing, supplying parts, logistics and distributing mobility aids for the elderly and disabled. Beside the Netherlands, the Louwman Group is also active in Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Louwman Dealer Group, one of the largest automotive dealer holdings in the Netherlands, is part of the Louwman Group. Auto.nl offers the collection of new and second-hand cars through cooperation with dealers of the Louwman Dealer Group, together with the Broekhuis Groep. Since we don’t need showrooms and demo models, auto.nl arranges the best price.

With more than 140 service centers we offer you the opportunity to have your car maintained and repaired through every part of the Netherlands. Private lease agreements will be assigned by the financial branch of Louwman: Alcredis Finance.